Marfa isn't just another business throwing out pretty words and empty promises. We believe in our products, and we believe in our team. This company means everything to us, which why our customers' 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

European quality and materials

Marfa cabinets are manufactured in the USA. We source only the most exceptional raw materials from Italy and Spain. Our furniture cabinetry is made of 100% European panels, not European inspired substitutes. Not only do our cabinets look flawless, but their strength and durability are unparalleled.

We believe great design is environmentally responsible. To lower our ecological impact, we make our products using Raw Particleboard Ecological Panels. Our Panels are Carb Phase 2 Compliant and are the only type of panels in the world made of 100% post-consumer recycled wood material.

Lifetime warranty

from the date of the purchase

Cost & Quality

At Marfa we're dedicating to offering the best quality at the best price, so we guarantee reasonable prices for your project.


Our team of in-house designers will work diligently to meet all your needs and bring your ideas to life. We treat every project as unique, so we'll customize down to each and every detail to provide you with the highest satisfaction.

Support at every step

From the moment you become our customer, we provide you with updates, answer any questions and give you quality technical assistance during every stage of your project.
Whether it's arranging measurements, organizing installation or ordering additional cabinets and accessories to be delivered quickly, our team is there for you and ready to help.

Fast production process

We know your time is valuable. Just because you're getting high quality, doesn't mean you should have to wait for it.

While furniture deliveries from Europe can take as long as two to three months, Marfa’s furniture is ready to go from our local facilities, optimized to ship within a few weeks.



Michelle Krage is president at Star Events Chicago. Michelle’s expertise includes event production and management, logistical support, marketing, sales and public relations. Michelle develops and maintains impeccable relationships with our clients, colleagues and vendors. Her leadership and drive help her understand the vision and objectives for their event.


After holding multiple sales positions and launching several e-commerce-based ventures, Boris Lehtman decided to apply his entrepreneurial spirit to real estate. “I spent three years living in Napa, California, witnessing firsthand the booming real estate market in San Francisco,” says Lehtman, a broker with Fulton Grace. When he had an opportunity to return home to Chicago and work with family and friends in real estate development, he took it. That was three years ago. Today, Lehtman works primarily with developers on sourcing and selling new construction projects. He also represents luxury buyers, investors and other clients in Chicago and the North Shore. He also owns City Management Group, a property management company that serves condo boards and homeowners associations.


Masha Shtraym is the founder of Masha Shtraym Design, a Chicago based interior design firm dedicated to creating beautiful spaces that blend elegance and ease, sophistication and warmth. Masha Shtraym spent two decades as a designer, bringing to her work a uniquely refined eye and innate understanding of how to craft a cohesive point of view through color, shape, and pattern. It is her belief that a home – should be a source of joy that makes one feel like the best version of him or herself. Her goal for each client is to create a highly personalized space in which they feel elevated, inspired, and right at home.
After attending Illinois institute of Art Masha started on small but unique projects . She launched Masha Shtraym Design in 2005 and quickly amassed her own impressive body of work, ranging from modern urban apartments to high-end homes to luxury hospitality projects.

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