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Built to impress.

These elegant wall panels from Marfa Сabinets bring the warmth and richness of wood inside your house. Marfa panels come in a variety of finishes to give your space the chic, rustic, and in-vogue look you’ve been missing. Check out these eclectic wall paneling ideas for the fresh inspiration you need to plan your next project.

Here you can pick and order Wall Panels directly from us.

Panels are available to purchase in 25" x 96", 36"x 96", and 48" x 96" sizes. If you're looking for a custom size please contact us.

Currently local delivery or pick up only (Illinois)

To ensure the highest satisfaction, we recommend ordering an actual sample (those come in a 5" x 7" or 11" x 17") panel for best color and finish representation first (these are shipped to you when you order on our site).

15 products
  • PANEL Roast Pecan
  • PANEL SMM021 Chrysler
  • PANEL SMM026 Woolworth
  • PANEL SMM023 Epic
  • PANEL GSP32 Smoke
  • PANEL S05 Frappe Dark Textured
  • PANEL S02 Anniversary Oak 3
  • PANEL SM4565 Honey Elm
  • PANEL S07 Muratti
  • PANEL S08 Muratti 4
  • PANEL GSDR3 Dark Pecan
  • PANEL GS40R Fantasia
  • PANEL S01 Anniversary Oak 2
  • PANEL Pampas Wood Textured SMW006
  • PANEL GSDB1 Eucalipto White