A kitchen is the heart of the home, so it deserves products that live up to your standards. Marfa brings functionality and style to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, with industry-best features to ensure you're getting the very best.

What can Marfa offer you to improve usability and give a tint of unique features? 

There is a plethora of reasons to install soft-closing drawers. The first and foremost, it is safer for kids. Moreover, when they sleep you will no longer worry about the noise of your drawers. The soft close feature will also extend the life of your cabinets and drawers by protecting them from blunt force trauma.
So, what is another advantage? Is it an element of luxury? Yes! It makes your kitchen look a super-sleek one. It is time to remodel your kitchen and upgrade your drawers by implementing our innovative system!

Unique soft-closing drawers

Soft-closing drawers are great for a ton of reasons. They're whisper-quiet. They're safer for kids. And since they eliminate all that slamming and banging, it will keep your drawers nicer for longer.

And nice they are. The soft-closing design gives your kitchen look a super-sleek look and an element of luxruy. It's time to remodel your kitchen and upgrade your drawers by implementing our innovative system.

Water-resistant panels

We all know that heart-stopping moment when you spill water on your kitchen panels, because repairing water damaged cabinetry is crazy expensive. Luckily, a Marfa kitchen has you covered with our water-resistant core panels. Saviola’s core panels boast 13-hour water resistance while Innolac panels provide 9-hour water resistance. Amazing finishes with added protection from water makes our European product line the definitive choice.

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