European Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant Kitchen Cabinets With Optimal Storage

While all of our cabinet offerings boast beautiful custom designs with plenty of storage, European cabinets are a class all of their own. With elegant and sophisticated clean lines, and the use of a frameless construction, European cabinets are a great choice for any modern kitchen. Maximize your space with flush cabinet and door lines, as well as larger drawers for all of your cooking utensils, pantry items, and other odds and ends.

Our European style cabinets are crafted using raw materials imported from Europe, but manufactured in our Illinois facility. This combination gives you the authenticity and beauty in your cabinets that you crave, while allowing you to receive them within weeks - not months! 

Why Choose Marfa Cabinets?

Quality European Cabinets

European style cabinets are distinctive with their frameless construction and this requires this use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. In fact, our craftsmen have mastered techniques to create the perfect cabinet, every time. Our raw materials are imported from Spain and Italy and are the ideal base for our custom designs.

European Style Designs

Modern aesthetics and clean lines are the hallmark of European style cabinets, but when you partner with Marfa Cabinets, we can further customize your European cabinets to perfectly suit your tastes. No matter if you want dark or light cabinets, or something totally unique, our designers will customize to your exact specifications for free!

Exceptional Service

Our team is full of experienced and talented designers and craftsmen that are ready to assist you with any of your cabinet planning needs. From initial design, to customization, to last minute changes, our team is ready to partner with you in your kitchen designing process. We strive to be a partner in your entire design process - not just with your cabinets.

Turn Around Time

Other custom cabinet manufacturers may take months to create your cabinetry, but at Marfa Cabinets, you can expect your cabinets within weeks! With stressful home design and construction deadlines, you don’t have to worry about holding up the process. Our unique combination of European imported materials, with our US based manufacturing will keep your project on time!

Working with Marfa cabinets now for a couple of years has been a blast, they are always able to satisfy my designs and my client's needs when working on new kitchens or redoing existing ones.


Masha Shtraym, founder Masha Shtraym Design

Marfa Cabinets have been very professional working with me, designing and manufacturing a kitchen along with other cabinets, bathrooms and closets for our new house. I would recommend Marfa Cabinets to anyone!


Michelle Krage, president Star Events Chicago

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