Our commitment to you:

  • Once the final payment is received on your finalized order, Marfa Cabinets will schedule production and provide a Guaranteed Delivery Date. If your cabinet delivery is delayed beyond the guaranteed date, Marfa Cabinets will refund 1% of your purchase price for each business day the delivery is delayed.
  • Marfa Cabinets Guaranteed Delivery Date limitations apply, see our Guaranteed Delivery Date Policy for details.


The following requirements must be met to qualify for a Guaranteed Delivery Date Refund:
- Purchaser has received and signed off on the Final Contract containing the Guaranteed Delivery Date for their project;
- Payments have been made and received by the Seller per the terms of the contract.


The following limitations are beyond our control, and as such Guaranteed Delivery Date Refunds cannot be processed for:
- Any special ordered accessory or operating mechanism
- Specially engineered cabinetry outside of the Marfa standard catalog
- Custom painted and/or Shaker or Sienna door profiled cabinetry
- Any special ordered panels outside of the Marfa standard catalog
- Any Act of God or issues that may arise that are outside of our control.