What do you need to consider before kitchen installation?

Kitchen is a soul of any home. That’s why it is so important to choose the right design, colors and not to become disappointed. Let’s

Soft-closing drawers: why are they so beneficial?

There is a plethora of reasons to install soft-closing drawers. The first and foremost, it is safer for kids. Not only that, but also while

Are you worried when you spill over water on your kitchen panels? Don’t be with Marfa kitchen!

Every year homeowners spend a lot of money on repairs in order to replace water damaged cabinetry. Marfa offers water resistant core panels! Saviola’s core

How to Decorate a Modern- Style Kitchen?

Modern kitchens have a natural and organic feature. There are many options to improve design. For instance, you could add a few rich wood cutting

Thinking about kitchen update?

Marfa recommends determining your preferences! We have any solution for you!   If you consider kitchen renovation, these TOP questions will come in handy to

How does a modern kitchen look like?

SMART Technology has entered the kitchen in full force and not just in the form of fancy gadgets and appliances. It is also about using

How does the trade war against China make your choice of kitchen cabinets easier?

Did you know that the furniture industry is currently struggling because of new regulations and recent changes made by the Trump administration? President Trump escalated

Now Available: 2019 Marfa Cabinets Catalog

For all information on product availabilities, material types and general inspiration, please reach out to request the 2019 Catalog: Marfa Cabinets Catalog

Marfa Cabinets Announcement

Open up for surprise… We are pleased to announce the launch of Marfa Cabinets in Chicago. Marfa’s high-end cabinets and vanities synthesize modern and traditional

Marfa’s Story

It’s just about dinnertime. Marfa slides her fingers across the smooth countertops, taps her fingers. What would she cook tonight? The party is about to