Our cabinets are designed to hold YOUR space. Open up for inspiration…

Original European Product

Our cabinets are made out of the real deal—100% European panels, not European inspired substitutes. Translation: the highest quality for your money.

Built-for-Life Design

We refuse to compromise: modern cabinets can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.   Practical thinking should never go out of style.


Our innovative designs not only look good, but they also do good for the environment. We prioritize sustainability in our design process and 100% post-consumer recycled wood in our cabinetry.

Fast Turnaround

Why leave clients waiting for months when you can get high-quality cabinets in just two weeks? While furniture deliveries from Europe can take as long as two to three months, Marfa’s furniture is ready to go from our local facilities.

Dedicated Support

MARFA’s dedicated in-house team works with you step-by-step to customize our designs to your dream home. No detail is overlooked, from the perfect color to the perfect texture.


Bathrooms & Vanities



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