What do you need to consider before kitchen installation?

Kitchen is a soul of any home. That’s why it is so important to choose the right design, colors and not to become disappointed. Let’s consider the nuances.

The modern kitchen allows to take into consideration the space and design according to the needs and preferences of the owner. Before choosing garniture for your kitchen, consider the following questions:

      Does your premise needs renovations? If so, it should be finished before the installation of a new kitchen.
    • • Think about the sizes of your future kitchen/ If you want to be sure in measurements, we will help you!
    • • Consider the usability of your kitchen. We can offer soft-closing drawers and water-resistant materials which will help keep your kitchen in a good condition for a long time.
    • •Does your kitchen have unusual corners? How do you want to use them?

When your budget is already determined, it is sensible to start thinking about your preferences, choosing the right materials and design.

Different layouts:

L-shape kitchen

It is convenient for functional division of kitchen space. This is the classic option for square spaces.

П-shape kitchen

It would fit the square or rectangle spaces where you want to place a lot of kitchen equipment.

Line shape kitchen

It would ideally fit for narrow spaces and Marfa would provide you with best storage solutions. Check out our catalog!

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