Thinking about kitchen update?

Marfa recommends determining your preferences! We have any solution for you!


If you consider kitchen renovation, these TOP questions will come in handy to you:

How much time are you going to stay at the same place of living?

If the answer is only a few years, you should consider something that might be not as expensive or that’s more enduring. However, if you plan to live there for a long time, then you need to spend more on design.

Marfa cabinets have a solution to all your needs. We offer timeless and unique design, best storage options as well as affordable and comfortable prices.


What is your overall goal?

Maybe you want to sell your home soon or upgrade it for sale? Or you are looking for elegant and kitchen décor?


Do you have any health issues?

Sometimes people suffer from different breathing issues. In this case, consult your contractor and have them avoid phenol formaldehyde and high-gloss lacquers.


Do you have any kids?

If so, it is a good idea to think over the places where are you going to store everything out of their reach.


What is your budget?

This question can help you better understand what sum of money you can spend comfortably. It’s quite important to speak frankly with the experts about what that amount really is.

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