How does the trade war against China make your choice of kitchen cabinets easier?

Did you know that the furniture industry is currently struggling because of new regulations and recent changes made by the Trump administration?

President Trump escalated his trade war with China on 10th of May raising tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and taking steps to tax nearly all of China’s imports. The decision to impose 25 PERCENT TARIFFS on nearly one-third of all Chinese products is the biggest trade action that Mr. Trump has taken so far.

Two months have passed and the situation has NOT been resolved. It could even turn worse. Tariffs on Chinese imports mean higher prices for furniture across the country. The usual American furniture store relies heavily on goods imported from China.

Higher tariffs directly result in HIGHER PRICES for goods made out of imported Chinese materials. Chinese manufacturers also calculate their losses through to the end customer, giving the client a LOWER QUALITY to keep their profit.

YOU might be disappointed to hear about this change, but MARFA thought ahead and has a solution! Our company manufactures kitchen cabinets with HIGH QUALITY materials imported from Italy (no trade war with EU so far) and guarantees both FAST DELIVERY and long-lasting DURABILITY (3-year warranty included).

Now you have an amazing opportunity to buy European-standard furniture at even better quality-price-ratio than before! Make YOUR choice!

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